1. About club

      The idea to start with the club was born many years ago. We always knew that mountains are important part of our lifes. Geckon Club Kosice was officially estimated in spring 2014 with everything that belongs to it.

      The main focus is on connecting people interested in outdoor activities, mainly climbing, ski touring, alpine hiking and cycling. Out of organized club trips into the mountains, thanks to certified instructor we offer also climbing courses.

      It is impossible to deny beauty of Slovakia, the fact this country is full of breathtaking cities full of history, places that is worth to experience. In cooperation with SSSCR, in case of interest, we ensure also certified tourist guides, that can offer also commentary also in English…

    About us

    • Radovan Bartko – Radko

      • President of the club
      • Rock climbing Instructor
      • Member of James

      Since I was a kid I liked hiking. At the beginning, it was with my parents, later on with friends or alone. In addition to hiking, I tried via ferrata and climbing and that became my passion very soon.

      I earned the real climbing experience in RockStar – climbing school in Manin. During my three years stay I learned everything possible to learn and when the offer to stay as instructor came at the end of the course, I did not hesitate a minute. Unfortunately, it was not possible to stay due to circumstances and therefore I came back to Kosice. It did not take long and I started to miss the work of instructor very soon. As the result, the Geckon club Kosice was founded.

      Currently, we offer climbing courses on climbing walls and rocks around Kosice, we organize trips to the mountains, via ferrates…

    • Lubka

    • Ľubka

      • Travel guide
      • PR a client’s point of contact
      • Administration

      I always knew that I’m more into intelectual matters than sports. I love painting, traveling, mountains and nature, so beautiful in many ways around the world. There are many ways how to explore the world as well. One of them is hiking and climbing that I tried thanks to Rado. It’s the way I spend my free time as the main role in the club is PR, documentation and administrative and of course publication of new articles about beautys of Slovakia. I am responsible also for communication with future club members and clients interested in courses and trips. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me!

    • Sveťka


      Without the support of the family, this club would never exist. Therefore it’s more than appropriate to mention my (Rado’s) dearest sister that participated on the beginnings of the club. She participated on code of rules, helped and patientally adviced when needed.

      We made a lot of trips together. She has mountains and sports in her blood the same as I do. Currently, she has better things to care about. She is raising up new generation of nature lovers. She is currently on the maternity leave and there is no doubt that she adds her five cents even now. She helps with financials of the club.

    • Kristy

      As I said, the whole family helps and another proof is Kristy, sister from the other side (Ľubka’s sister). When our dreams are too big, when we fly too high with our plans, she is the one to take us back to the earth with her reasonable arguments and understanding of law and bureaucracy. She is mother of three kids. Together with her husband, they teach them how to behave in the nature, teach them to love the nature. It’s no surprise we are happy they are part of the club.

    • Dávid a Oťa

      David and Rado have met during climbing course, of course. It was immediately clear that these two guys are friends to be. Once back in eastern Slovakia, they continued to climb together – the climbing buddies. Later on, Oťa came into David’s life and we are really happy for it. It can not be coincidence that we’ve all met. Also dates of birth of Oťa and Rado are the same. When the younger versions of Oťa and David (Nelka and Davidko) allows that, they go for nice trips or hikes with us without hesitation.

    … a radi privítame ďalších 🙂