Rock Climbing Course

  • Chceš sa naučiť liezť a myslíš to s lezením vážne?
    Potom ZÁKLADNÝ HOROLEZECKÝ KURZ je určený pre teba!

    • 7-day climbing course

    This course is essential for every serious climber. The aim is to provide you climbing basics for sport and trad climbing and to teach an ??adept?? to a individal movement along the rocks. The course will prepare you for all the normal situations you encounter during the climbing, which means that it includes everything from the theoretical foundations, through the foundation of placing protection, the construction of the anchors, to first aid and the self-rescue in the event of an accident.

    It’s also a great opportunity to meet new friends and climbers, and improve climbing skills together with them.

    You will learn all necesary skills for independent(stand-alone) climbing and belaying on rock faces or climbing walls:

    • climbing history, climbing types and styles;
    • climbing equipment;
    • climbing technique and placing protections;
    • top-rope and lead climbing belaying;
    • climbing anchors and multi-pitch climbing;
    • self rescue;
    • first aid basics.

    The course is led by an instructor who is also a member of the safety committee of the Slovak Climbing Association JAMES, which is the guarantee of the highest quality courses in Eastern Slovakia.

    (Je dobré prihlasovať sa po pároch; inštruktor tak môže najlepšie učiť lezenie a istenie, no nie je to podmienkou).

    Price: 250€

  • Course outline:

    • Climbing basics
    • Rock climbing basics
    • Climbing equipment
    • Proper belaying technique
    • Climbing techniques and placing protections
    • Self rescue
    • First aid
    • … and much more

    What’s included:

    • Instructor
    • Climbing equipment
    • Transport during the course

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    Chceli by ste niečo iné?

    Neváhajte nás kontaktovať s Vašimi predstavami
    a spolu pripravíme kurz na mieru len pre Vás.

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